Civil Servants who won’t take COVID-19 vaccine to face disciplinary action

Civil servants will now be required to get their vaccinations by August 23, according to a statement from Head of Public Service Joseph Kinyua. “Those who do not receive the vaccine by the deadline will be labeled with discipline cases and subjected to disciplinary action”.

Despite reports that COVID-19 vaccination uptake has been low, particularly among civil servants in security, education, and other core services, Kinyua urged principal secretaries and accounting officers to ensure that the decision was fully implemented.

According to the statement, “it was reported at a recent NSAC meeting that there was a low uptake of Covid-19 vaccines among public servants, particularly the security sector, teachers, and the core civil service.”

Poor vaccine uptake, according to the Head of Public Service, has hampered public service delivery.

According to the statement, some employees have purposefully avoided getting vaccinated in order to avoid going to work by claiming to work from home.

“It was also discovered that some public employees have purposefully avoided getting vaccinated in order to avoid going to work under the guise of working from home,” the statement continues.

In the meantime, 1,804,375 vaccines have been distributed across the country. The total number of first doses is 1,105,470, while the total number of second doses is 698,905.

Most of those who received their first dose, 63.2%, took the second dose, with males accounting for 55% and females for 45%. The proportion of adults who have received all of their vaccines is 2.6%.

Priority Groups with the highest uptake of the second dose are those aged 58 and up (214,722), others (205,802), health workers (120,155), teachers (102,007), and security officers (56,219).

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