Start Living The Life Of Your Dreams In These 7 Simple Steps

Have you ever been asked what you would do if money wasn’t an issue? It’s one of those questions that most people dismiss because, let’s face it, money is a factor. The cynics may criticize you as naive or dumb, but you know deep inside that you can start living your ideal life.

Most folks appear to be struggling to make ends meet. They work because they require a source of money to sustain themselves and their families. People establish themselves not only at work, but also in their personal connections with friends and family. You may even know folks who compromise their integrity and basic principles in order to get ahead.

That is why starting living your ideal life is not naive or dumb; it is necessary.

It takes more than money to live your goals. It’s the conviction that you’re leading a life that’s in line with your purpose.
1. Make a plan of action.
Take the time to imagine what your life would be like if you want to learn how to start living your goals.

This isn’t your typical vision board. This type of vision necessitates the use of all of your senses.

Olympians will imagine themselves participating in their actual event to get an advantage. Emily Cook, a member of the US freestyle ski team, was cited as claiming that her visualization used all of her senses. As she crosses the finish line, she moves her body as if she were skiing down the slopes, feels the wind in her hair, and hears the clamor of the audience.
2. Direct Your Attention
You’ll need to change the way you perceive the world and every aspect of your life if you want to start living your goals right now. Your beliefs shape your awareness, and your consciousness shapes your reality, which is kept in check by the way your mind processes information.

Every day, you are bombarded with millions of sensory stimuli, which your mind filters out to protect you from going insane. The ones you get are the ones your mind thinks are important to you based on previous experiences.

One of the most common scenarios is when you buy a new automobile. As soon as you get that automobile, you begin to notice it everywhere. Now, you’re undoubtedly aware that not everyone bought the automobile on the same day as you, so what went wrong?

So, when you bought your new automobile, you told yourself, “This car is important to me.” As a result, your subconscious is now displaying the automobile that has always been there.

You can take steps to construct your dream life in the same manner that you may modify your filters depending on the action of buying a new automobile. As you take action, your mind will reveal fresh possibilities that have always existed (just outside of your previous filters).

Here’s where you can learn more about focusing: 7 Ways to Train Your Brain to Improve Focus

3. Establish systems and processes
You’re ready to change your focus to achieve your objectives once you’ve established the appropriate attitude to begin living your ideal life.

Most individuals make the mistake of starting off enthused, but then relying only on discipline and willpower to succeed. Your determination and discipline are finite resources that will fade with time. That is why, on average, individuals abandon their New Year’s Resolutions 30 days after they begin. That is also why folks on a diet would make healthy choices throughout the day but fail spectacularly late at night.

This is why it’s critical to implement systems and procedures that reduce your reliance on discipline and willpower. In the instance of our dieter, it would be preferable if they threw away all of the candy they no longer desire. When it comes to you and your ideal life, this is also true. You must be ready to limit your capacity to go back to your former life if you want to ensure that you follow through on your vision.

4. It’s Essential to Be Accountable
You will be more driven to continue if you are accountable to someone or a group. We all desire to be accepted by people deep down. Even though this can occasionally work against you, this is not one of those occasions.

It is more likely that you will achieve your objective if you tell particular individuals about it. According to some study, however, making it public and declaring it to everyone may reduce your odds of following through[3].

You may be shocked to learn that you are held accountable on a daily basis.

If the CEO requests a report, you will do all in your power to impress the CEO.
You will be more encouraged to get in shape if you are invited to a class reunion.
If you know you’ll be entertaining guests, you’ll clean more thoroughly.
Accountability works because it motivates you to keep your word and provide a positive image to others.

5. Identify a Change Catalyst
In life, there are things you can and cannot control. Allowing your fear of failure or uncertainty to keep you from living your ideal life is a mistake. On your trip, things aren’t going to happen as planned. You will experience difficulties and setbacks. The good news is that failure is a necessary element of personal growth and achievement. They are the opposite sides of the same coin. People often spend so much time attempting to prevent failure that they are unaware that they are jeopardizing their potential to achieve success.

Because you recognize that failure is a component of success, you realize that your aim is to build on it rather than avoid it.

Your ideal existence does not have to begin with a happy event. Bad occurrences (or perceived negative events) and a sense of desperation are frequently what motivates people to go further than they have ever gone before.

It’s possible that the trigger for change was precisely what you needed, or it may have been the worst thing that could have occurred. In either case, you’re focused on the next step. You’ll want to build on that great event by building other positive occurrences on top of it.

Choose to respond to any circumstance by getting a step closer to your ideal existence.

6. Recognize the importance of personality.
Positive psychology specialists produced a list of character qualities they felt were necessary to success in a research involving two schools on different ends of the economic spectrum.

Grit, self-control, enthusiasm, social intelligence, thankfulness, optimism, and curiosity were among the qualities they listed.

Grit, curiosity, and self-control were among the character characteristics that most people associate with success. Gratitude, enthusiasm, optimism, and social intelligence (compassion) were all on the list, although their importance in achieving success is sometimes overlooked[5].

It’s critical to remember that transformation begins on the inside. Your fundamental values serve as the lens through which you achieve your objectives.

7. Gather your courage
You’ll have everything you need to feel motivated, move out of your comfort zone, and start living your goals once you’ve finished the first six stages.

Allowing yourself to put off your change is a mistake. Fear of change might be disguised as a well-thought-out strategy for obtaining more knowledge or better timing.

Remember, you’re not searching for the ideal scenario; you’re just trying to get started. You’ll be better equipped to make any modifications once you get started.

I liken the beginning of your journey like going through a fog. Standing on the outside of the fog and attempting to look through to the other side will be tough. However, if you are ready to take the initial few steps, you will see that there are a few more steps into the fog that you can see.

If you are ready to keep walking, you will soon be able to see clearly since the fog will be behind you.

You have a vision of how you want your life to be, and you know how much effort it will take to make it a reality. However, unless you go through it, you won’t know how reasonable your expectations are.

Living your aspirations requires a significant amount of effort, but it will be well worth your time. Don’t stress about things you can’t control since life is short.

The things that most people regret the most are the things that they did not do. As a result, don’t settle for anything less than your ideal existence. Pursue it with zeal and determination.

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