Why You Should Integrate Your Instagram And FaceBook business Accounts- How To Do It

Complications arise when brands embrace digital platforms other than Facebook. Which content do you publish where? Should you try to sell to both buyers and sellers? What will your fans do to stay up to date on both platforms? Should you advertise one platform while simultaneously promoting the other, or will this be too confusing? Will asking people to follow my brand on many platforms make them feel overwhelmed?

Difference Between Instagram And Facebook

Instagram is a purely visual platform that wants you to spend your time within the app – engaging captions help, but the photo is what captures users’ attention. Facebook is different – as there is more room for articles and text posts. While photos do well, other things can succeed as well because it’s not purely visual.

Benefits Of Linking Instagram Business Account To Facebook Business Account

It’s preferable to “build the bridge” between Facebook and Instagram on the Instagram side because the material that works on Instagram also works on Facebook, but this isn’t always the case when it is put the other way around. You’ve built a quick and easy approach to reach numerous customer streams at the push of a button by tying Instagram to Facebook. You’ve also established a “two-hit” advertising stream for potential clients who follow you on both sites, as each post will now be seen twice, with little effort on your part.

How To Link The Instagram Business Account To The Facebook Business Account

A mobile device is required to link the two social media accounts. Both the iOS and Android operating systems have nearly identical processes for linking Instagram to Facebook.

To begin connecting your accounts;

Go to the Profile screen in the Instagram app on your mobile device.

In the upper-right corner of the screen, tap the Menu symbol (three horizontal lines).

Select Settings from the menu.

Tap Account from the long list.

Then there’s Linked Accounts.

A list of alternative social platforms that you can connect to your Instagram account can be found here. At top of the list will be Facebook.

When you tap Facebook, you’ll be prompted to check in with your Facebook credentials. You can accomplish this using your browser or the Facebook app if you have it.

Your accounts will be linked once you sign in. You’ll notice that your name has been added to the right of your Facebook option. This means that everything you post on Instagram will automatically be shared on your Facebook account.

Automatic Post

Click on Facebook in Settings > Accounts > Linked Accounts.

Share Your Story to Facebook and Share Your Posts to Facebook are two options available in this box.

These toggles will automatically post all stories and posts to your Facebook feed.

If you have pages linked to your Facebook profile, you may choose to have all Instagram posts automatically broadcast to those pages as well.

Choose a Page, tap Share to and select your pages.

How To Remove Integration

In the Settings > Accounts > Linked Accounts > Facebook window, you may also Unlink your accounts.

To unlink accounts, simply tap the button and confirm your wish to do so. This will not delete any existing postings between platforms, but it will halt all future post sharing unless the actions outlined above are followed to re-integrate the platforms.

In conclusion, linking the Instagram account to the Facebook account may not necessarily lead to a similar response from both pages, but there is nothing to lose by it, which makes work easier and could lead to great results for your business.

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