12 Hot Tips For Keeping Your Man Happy In Bed.

Intimacy is said to be one of the most important aspects of a relationship, and this is true! The fact remains, however, that no one wants a boring partner. We all want someone who understands our likes, our attractions, and the things that make us happy, glowing, and all smiley, and knowing how to make a man cry in bed can only add to these sparks.

So get out of bed and embrace these fantastic practical actions, especially if you want to give your man that toe-curling, body-shaking, mind-blowing sensation that will keep him addicted to you and enrich your relationship.

1. Clean Up for Him

The first tip for making a man cry in bed is to maintain good personal hygiene.This includes keeping every part of our bodies clean and smelling fresh, so take a shower!

While bathing, pay special attention to the more sensitive areas, such as the ears, neck, and armpits, and wash your female parts (preferably with water or other safe feminine hygiene products) to keep them tasty and yummy.

Clean your towels, apply an inviting body lotion, let your hair smell nice, polish your fingernails, put on a sweet perfume, and look ravishing.

If you know how to clean, your man will be enchanted every time you are in his presence. Cleaning up nicely is a sure way to make your husband fall in love with you.

2. Create a mood.

It is common knowledge that our surroundings have an impact on our reality and how we feel, and creating a romantic atmosphere can only help to increase our excitement before we perform.

As a result, ensure that your space is warm, clean, and inviting. Spend money on sheets (soft, inviting, and snugly fitting on the mattress would do).

If possible, find soft lighting with multiple levels of illumination for your bedroom. If you are unable to dim the lights with a dimmer or lower device, rewire the lighting to a low wattage bulb in a nice lamp.Not able to do so?

Scented candles can heighten sensual moods even further by softening sharp images and casting a radiant glow around everything. Also, make sure to look delicious in the baddest piece of lingerie your closet has to offer (it’s a tried-and-true way to keep your man happy in bed).

Why not add a pair of your favorite high heels and sultry red lipstick for the ultimate amazing goddess appeal he won’t be able to resist, and with some soothing music in the background, crawl on all fours towards your romantic lover and see him fall in love with you for the second time?

3. Tease Him

This is an important part of knowing how to be irresistible in bed, how to make a man cry in bed, and how to make your man long for you.

When we say someone is teasing, we mean that they pretend to offer you something you want but then don’t give it to you.

So, get to work and tease your man! Bend over and play with him by slowly picking something in a short skirt; you can spice it up by bending forward so he can see your cleavage.

Slide that sausage or banana into your mouth slowly and intently, or seductively draw attention to your mouth with a lollipop and keep his heart pounding.

Your boyfriend will be unable to stop thinking about what you could – or have – done with your mouth if his c*ck were a lollipop.

You could eat your food as if you were in love with it. Bite into that fruit and let the juices ooze and drip down your chin, just tempt him until he can’t take it any longer, and watch him unravel the animalistic passion that he didn’t even know he had.

Teasing your man is one of the things he wants but is too shy to ask for. Most of the time, they assume you are aware that they want you to tease them, so get off your high horse and show him your playful side.

4. Perform An Aroused Massage

When it comes to tips on how to make a man cry in bed, the power of a good, deep, and sensual massage should not be underestimated. It’s one of the bedroom habits I’ve developed in my home over time.

To do this, have your man lie down on the bed and apply warm oil to his aching body. Starting with a sensual head massage can be a great way to start because the scalp is home to many stimulative spots, so gently caress his scalp with slow circular movements to really get him in the mood.

Work your way up to his face, gently pressing two fingers from each hand into his temple for several seconds at a time. You can also trace around his lips softly with your index finger.

Slide your hands down all the way to his neck, over his shoulders, back, and then his naughty bits, going slowly.

You could begin by giving him a light hand job, barely gripping his joystick. And once that time has passed, you can do more, whether it’s a firmer hand job or an oral to allow him to boil with pleasure and come. Isn’t that fantastic?

5. Shower him with passionate kisses.

Do you want to know how to make a man cry in bed? He deserves a kiss! And do so with zeal. Kissing is one of the most pleasurable sensations you can have before, during, and after lovemaking.

But first, you’ll need to prepare your lips. This entails using a good lip balm to keep your lips soft and not chapped.

To avoid turning him off, make sure your breath is minty fresh and clean. No one wants to puke, after all, so smell nice.

After that, slowly kiss your partner once, allowing it to last for a few seconds. Then slowly draw your lips away, keeping them close enough to your partner’s lips to almost touch but not touch (this lingering will build the passion and really capture your partner’s full attention).

Then, with your head tilted to the side, give him a passionate kiss. To determine pleasure, take it slow and easy.

As the kiss progresses, you might want to try French kissing, which involves gently inserting your tongue into his mouth and letting it dance with his tongue.

Kissing on the jawline can also be enticing; simply move your lips and use a little tongue while doing so. Don’t overlook your ears.

Then, gradually move your lips to his neck, chest, and stomach until you reach his groin area. Reach for his joystick and entice him with pleasure.

6. Role Play

Delving into your partner’s fantasies can be crucial in understanding how to make a man cry in bed – whether he fantasizes about getting a good spanking from a college professor, being taken advantage of by a doctor, or participating in a gang bang. There is a way to fulfill all of his desires without him cheating, and this is where role-playing comes in.

By adopting different personas, reenacting a scenario, and wooing or seducing your partner, you increase his arousal. In other words, it’s a romantic game in which you assume a new identity in order to fulfill his naughty fantasy.

To begin, paint a picture. Wearing a wig – going from brunette to blonde or straight to curly – and other materials can really help you get into the idea of a new identity and help you lose yourself in character.

And now that you’ve got your costume and your props, you can spice things up even more by going to a hotel bar and pretending to be strangers picking each other up for the first time (just make sure you have reserved a room ahead of time).

Simply inform your partner of his limits and establish a safe word that will bring the action to a halt the moment you become uncomfortable.

7. Take the Lead

Women are often afraid to be naughty in a relationship because they don’t want to shatter their partner’s image of them as a “good girlfriend,” or they don’t want him to think they are strange. However, one way to make your man cry in bed is to show him your no-holds-barred (dominant) side.

So, take command of the night and drag your man into the bedroom. Tell him he can’t talk, touch, or move unless you tell him to, and tell him exactly what to do to you – ask him to take off those pants while looking into those gorgeous eyes.

Don’t be afraid to ask him to go down there. You could also take charge by switching places every now and then.

Get on top, and even if he tries to switch things up, don’t let him, so you can keep control. You have more control over the angle, speed, and depth when you’re on top, so get rough and dirty; bite, claw, scratch, spank, pull his hair, and take control.

Don’t bother asking him how he’s feeling or if he likes it – he’ll tell you. Your job is not to cater to him, but to cater to your own needs and show him how to have a good time.

8. Moan For Your Man

When we are experiencing pleasure, we begin to lose control of our bodies. The somatic nervous system takes a back seat, and we have no control over the sounds that result – ohh! Ooooooh! Ah! Ahh! Yeah!! Yes!!!

Moaning is a way of assuring your lover that you are pleased with him. It demonstrates that he is doing an excellent job of pleasing you, which will encourage him to work even harder while on top of you.

It’s more like you’re reacting to his touches and letting him know how good you’re feeling. That relieves him of a lot of pressure (because he can easily stimulate your erogenous zones) and boosts his ego.

So scream if you’re a screamer!!! Don’t be shy. He doesn’t want you to be stuck listening to the bed creak because you’re quiet.

He wants you to groan, growl, whimper, and scream his name even as he grinds and thrusts you in time with your moans and screams of intense satisfaction. The more you moan, the more the beast within him awakens. That’s how you make a man cry in his bed!

9. Talk Dirty To Make A Man Want You Badly

Dirty talk should also be considered as you consider how to make a man cry in bed. He wants to hear you whisper the most nefarious thoughts you’ve ever had into his ears.

So, if you just curled your lips in a sly grin and said, “I want you to unzip my dress right now!” It has the potential to heat things up a little.

Go even further to elicit the raw, romantic animal within you that isn’t bound by social norms and rules, and get his mind and pulse-racing – holy crap, I’m dripping wet, I need your c*ck! Take hold of my hair and f**k me like I’m your bitch. Don’t stop, it’s so satisfying! You’re so full, and so on.

This will energise him and keep your relationship from becoming monotonous. More dirty talking ways to get your man to like you can be found here.

10. Experiment with Different Positions

Variety is said to be the spice of life, and this may be true. Stuck in ruts can be boring and cause your man to lose interest. So try putting yourself in different positions to get him excited.

Aside from the traditional missionary position, you could try the cowgirl or reverse style, corkscrew, lotus, G-whiz, wheelbarrow, stand and deliver, and so on.

In some positions, you will feel tighter, which he will prefer, while in others, he will be able to feel other parts of you more easily, which he may prefer. Have fun thinking of creative things to do in bed.

11. He Wants To See Everything

This is something he may want but will not ask for. Men are visual creatures, and they would love to see that hot, naked body going above and beyond to make them feel amazing.

So, when you’re busy, make sure to give him a good look. Feel liberated by leaving the lights on. You can lead him over to a mirror so you can both see yourself in action (and/or add a camera for a better view later), and let him see your face when you climax.

This is a sure way to make a man want you badly because it will leave him feeling excited and longing for more.

12. Allow Him to Take Command

He’ll want to be in charge at times, flipping you over, smacking your butt, (lightly) choke you, pinning your hands down against the wall, tying you up, gripping your hair while f**king you on the floor – ripping your panties off or to the side to enter you.

He wants to be able to make all of the decisions and have complete control over you. Why not let him? Allow him to direct you on what and how you should do for him. And as long as you don’t get hurt (it’s safe), you should obey him!

Prioritizing intimacy and sweet acts of lovemaking can add fuel to any romantic relationship. When you kiss his lips, stroke his hair, and f–k him hard, that kiss and all those climaxes will undoubtedly be how to keep your husband happy at night. So, have fun!

12 Hot Tips For Keeping Your Man Happy In Bed.

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